ATTENTION: Colorado does not allow more than eight (8) hours of CE to be completed per day.

PLEASE NOTE: We provide the following renewal information as a courtesy and it may change at any time. It is the individual licensee's responsibility to be sure that he or she meets the requirements for his or her own particular license renewal circumstance(s).

  • Total Hours: 24
  • Mandatory/Core: 12
  • Elective: 12
  • Renewal Cycle: 3 years

2020 was the last year of transition period licensing. Everybody's license cycle now ends December 31 of each 3-year renewal cycle. January 2021 marks the first year of the newest cycle.

Renewal Requirements

Active real estate brokers must complete 24 hours of continuing education within each three-year license cycle, consisting of 12 elective credits and 12 core credits. The 12 core credits requirement is met by taking the four-credit Annual Commission Update course every year. Licensees often take the Colorado 16 hour package during one of the years in the three-year cycle to acquire 12 credits of electives and four credits of ACU. They then take the ACU course every year for the two remaining renewal cycle years.

Regarding a newly licensed broker: An initial broker's license expires at midnight on December 31st of the year in which it was issued. During that initial licensure period, the newly licensed broker will not have any obligation to complete any continuing education. After that initial license period, the active licensee will then be on a three-year license cycle and be obligated to complete 24 hours of continuing education within that licensing cycle.

Click here to see a description of renewal requirements on the DORA website.

It is recommended by the Colorado Division of Real Estate that brokers take the Annual Commission Update (ACU) Course between January and June each year.

Alternative to Annual Commission Update Course
Annual Commission Update courses are mandatory. Once the course year has passed, that version cannot be made up. In this case, you will need to investigate alternative ways to meet the continuing education requirements. The options include:

  • Completing the 24 hour Broker Reactivation Course (permitted once every other license cycle)
  • Completing and passing the State portion of the Colorado Broker's Exam
  • Completing 48 Hours in Colorado Contracts & Regulations and 24 hours in Real Estate Closings for a total of 72 hours

See Renewal Packages

Receiving Credit for Completed Courses

Colorado is an audit state, meaning neither licensees nor continuing education providers send notice of course completions to the Colorado Division of Real Estate (DORA); rather, the Division requires that you be able to provide proof of course completions in the event you are audited.

NOTE: Each time you complete a course on the CBT website, you will receive a courtesy email from us that verifies your completion.

After you've completed all your courses, navigate to the Division of Real Estate Licensing website to renew your license:

Regulation of Online CE Courses

There are no limits to the number of continuing education courses that can be taken online. Seat timers are not required by the Commission; therefore, timers are NOT included in our courses. Final exams are required by the state and therefore in these courses.

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We are a Colorado approved real estate school offering flexible online CO real estate continuing education courses. Our Colorado real estate license renewal courses can be taken anytime day or night.

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