Renewal Requirements Overview

License Type Total Hrs Cycle Yrs
Broker and Salesperson22.52

NOTE: Real estate licensee submitting an application for renewal for a license expiring on or after September 21, 2022 are required to complete 22.5 hours of approved continuing education. The education must include at least two hours on the subject of cultural competency, at least two hours on the subject of implicit bias. If your license expires before that date, you are not required to take those two courses within your current renewal cycle, but will instead take them in your next renewal period.

  •  = Core Topic / Mandatory
  •  = Elective


Complete New York Licensee Renewal Package

This package meets the updated requirements that go into effect July 1, 2021, which includes, required 3 hrs fair housing, 1hr of required agency law, 2.5 hrs ethical business practice, 1 hr recent legal matters and all elective hours needed to meet New York license renewal requirements. Includes NAR Code of Ethics (Real Estate Ethics and Practice). Click here for Ethics Course Outline.

  •    Fair Housing Law and Practice (3 hrs)
  •    Real Estate Ethics & Practice (3 hrs)
  •    NY Risk Management (Legal Matters) (3 hrs)
  •    Agency Law (3 hrs)
  •    Cultural Competency (3 hrs)
  •    Implicit Bias, Diversity, and Inclusion (2 hrs)
  •    Contract Law (3 hrs)
  •    Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal (3 hrs)

22.5 Hrs

Individual Courses

  Agency Law

This course provides real estate licensees with a foundational understanding of the special legal relationship that governs conduct between licensees, clients and customers.

Meets the NY Agency Law subject matter requirement.

3 Hrs

  Cultural Competency

Today real estate commissions across the country are requiring more fair housing training than ever before, addressing broader and more modern topics. Covering the protected classes in courses like fair housing law will always be necessary. Still, now the Commissions are now also encouraging softer training, like this class on cultural diversity.

Meets the NY Cultural Competency subject matter requirement.

3 Hrs

  Fair Housing Law and Practice

Provides real estate licensees with a necessary understanding of fair housing law and primary ethical considerations.

Meets the NY Fair Housing Law subject matter requirement.

3 Hrs

  Implicit Bias, Diversity, and Inclusion

Explores the nature of implicit bias, diversity, and inclusion in the Real Estate industry.

Meets the NY Implicit Bias subject matter requirement.

2 Hrs

  Real Estate Ethics & Practice

NAR Code of Ethics. This course addresses NAR’s code of Ethics. In addition to providing state license renewal credit, the course may also meet your local NAR association’s three-year renewal requirement. Please check with your association to confirm this. In the event it is helpful, a detailed course description is provided here: Course Outline

Meets the NY Business Ethics subject matter requirement. National Association of REALTORS® compliant.

3 Hrs

  NY Risk Management (Legal Matters)

This course provides licensees with information needed to reduce their liabilities in real estate practice. Subjects include, but are not limited to: antitrust, documentation, agency, seller disclosure, vicarious liability, and RESPA. Acquired content helps ensure a fair and competitive market that protects licensees and the public from inadvertent and intentional misconduct.

Meets the NY Legal Matters subject matter requirement.

3 Hrs

  Contract Law

This course identifies the necessary requirements for contracts to be valid and enforceable. Contract termination is also discussed with additional information related to breach and remedies for breach.

3 Hrs

  Effective Disclosure and Inspection

This course focuses on those areas where real estate professionals commonly open themselves up to lawsuit risks, specifically within the disclosure and inspection processes.

This is a 3.5 (three and a half) hour course.

4 Hrs

  Foreclosure Fundamentals

This course identifies the history of mortgage, the foreclosure process, bad practices and fraud in foreclosure. It also identifies opportunities that exist within a foreclosure market.

6 Hrs

  Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal

Within this course you will identify the purpose of real estate appraisal, types of property valuation, four methods for assessing value, reconciliation, and the key components of effectively written appraisal reports.

3 Hrs

  Property Management Basics

This course identifies the fundamental basis for property management in the real estate industry. It provides insight into managing both residential and commercial property.

3 Hrs

  Rights and Limitations of Property Ownership

This course identifies fundamental information regarding when, how, and why real estate ownership is not absolute. For these reasons – and many more – real estate professionals should be aware of the rights and limitations of property ownership.

4 Hrs

NY Approved [Details]

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