PLEASE NOTE: We provide the following renewal information as a courtesy and it may change at any time. It is the individual licensee's responsibility to be sure that he or she meets the requirements for his or her own particular license renewal circumstance(s). If you have any question about your unique ce requirements we encourage you to call the commission.

  • Total Hours: 12
  • Mandatory/Core: 6
  • Elective: 6
  • Renewal Cycle: 2 years

New Jersey licensees must complete 12 hours of CE every 2 years (6 hours of mandatory/core topic (2 of which must be Ethics and 1 in Fair Housing) and 6 hours of electives. Our packages include all required courses. License renewal is 6/30 of every odd numbered year however continuing education is due by 4/30 of every odd numbered year.

Bringing your license out of referral status: The number of credits required by the Commission for bringing a license out of referral depends on the number of years that the license has been in referral and must only contain Core topics and/or Ethics.

  • 12 credits required if in referral for 1 to 3 years
  • 24 credits required if in referral for 3 to 6 years
  • 30 credits required if in referral for 6 or more years

CBT offers an all-core 12-credit package that meets the 1 to 3 year requirement. For more information about referral agent renewal click here.

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There are no first time renewal requirements.

Receiving Credit for Completed Courses

In New Jersey, continuing education schools provide notice of course completion to PSI. We submit notice of course completions three times a week. In turn, the NJREC posts credit to your education transcript.

NOTE: Each time you complete a course on the CBT website, you will receive a courtesy email from us that verifies your completion. You will receive a second email each time we submit notice of a course completion to the state.

After NJREC posts credit to your education transcript you can renew your license. Click this link to navigate to the state website:

Regulation of Online CE Courses

There are no limits to the number of continuing education courses that can be taken online. Seat timers are not required by the Commission; therefore, timers are NOT included in our courses. Final exams are not required.

NJ Approved School

Registered at the state under our official sponsor company name CBT Alliance. State approved provider number P1000273. Click here to look us up on PSI.

We are a New Jersey approved real estate school offering flexible online NJ real estate continuing education courses. Our New Jersey real estate license renewal courses can be taken anytime day or night.

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