ATTENTION: Real estate brokers renewing for the first time must take a new 27-hour Broker Advanced Practices and a 3-hour Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC). Although CBT Alliance does provide the LARRC course, we do NOT provide the Broker Advanced Practices course.

PLEASE NOTE: We provide the following renewal information as a courtesy and it may change at any time. It is the individual licensee's responsibility to be sure that he or she meets the requirements for his or her own particular license renewal circumstance(s).

  • Total Hours: 30
  • Mandatory/Core: 3
  • Elective/Approved Topics: 27
  • Renewal Cycle: 2 years

Oregon licensees are required to take 30 continuing education hours every 24 months, 3 of which must include Oregon Law and Rule (LARRC).

As a licensee you are required to enter course completion information into the Agency's webpage for classes you have taken before your two years renewal date. Do this my logging into the Agency's eLicense webpage and clicking the link titled, "Add My Continuing Education." Immediately after completing courses you can print your completion certificates. Information needed to complete the Continuing Education Record is provided on each completion certificate. Note: Do not send completion certificates in to the Agency unless specifically requested to do so.

The Agency has provided instructions for license renewal. A link to these instructions is provided here:

For additional questions about Oregon license renewal requirements, please contact the: State of Oregon: Real Estate Agency at (503) 378-4170 or website .

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If this is your first time renewing your license you need to take the 27-hour Broker Advanced Practices course. Alliance does not offer this course. Contact the Oregon Real Estate Agency at: (503) 378-4170

Receiving Credit for Completed Courses

In Oregon, continuing education schools DO NOT send notice of course completion to the Division; instead, licensees report their completions to the Agency by following the prompts listed on the Agency’s website: State of Oregon: Licensing - Renew Your Real Estate License

After 7/01/22, licensees must take a LARRC course that contains necessary Fair Housing Law training information, as outlined by the Division. The LARRC course listed on this page meets this new requirement.

Each time you complete a course on the CBT website, you will receive a courtesy email to validate notice of your completion.

First License Renewal: If this is your first time renewing your license, you need to take the 27-hour Broker Advanced Practices course. Alliance does not offer this course. You can contact the Oregon Real Estate Agency at (503) 378-4170 to identify an education provider that does.

Regulation of Online CE Courses

The state Real Estate Agency advises education providers to incorporate methods to ensure courses take the same amount of time to go through as the number of hours for which they are certified. For this reason CBT has incorporated a timing mechanism to ensure that a minimum seat time is spent in each course (equal to 50 minutes per credit hour). For example, a 3-hour course will be open and active for no less than 150 minutes. Final exams are not required.

OR Approved School

Registered at the state under our school name CBT Alliance (provider# 1117).

We are a Oregon approved real estate school offering flexible online OR real estate continuing education courses. Our Oregon real estate license renewal courses can be taken anytime day or night.

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