PLEASE NOTE: We provide the following renewal information as a courtesy and it may change at any time. It is the individual licensee's responsibility to be sure that he or she meets the requirements for his or her own particular license renewal circumstance(s).

  • Total Hours: 14
  • Mandatory/Core: 3
  • Elective: 11
  • Renewal Cycle: 2 years

14 continuing education hours every 24 months, 11 elective and 3 mandatory. The mandatory course is titled Pennsylvania Rules and Regulations. Licensees renew by May 31st of every even numbered year. Licensees are only required to keep their printed course completion certificate(s) in the event of a Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission audit. Completion certificates can be printed immediately after course completions.

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  • Total Hours: 14
  • Mandatory/Core: 14
  • Post-License: 0

Licensees who are renewing their license for the first time are required to complete a specific 14-hour first-time renewal course. The first 7 hours of the required course are applicable to all first time licensed practitioners (general). The other 7 hours of the required course are to be either residential or commercial modules. Licensees are permitted to choose which module best reflects their practices. (PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer first-time renewal courses or modules).

Receiving Credit for Completed Courses

Pennsylvania is an audit state, meaning that neither licensees nor education providers send notice of course completions to the Commission; rather, the Commission requires that licensees are able to provide proof of course completions in the event they are audited. For this reason, it is recommended that licensees print course completion certificates immediately after completing courses. NOTE: We keep records of all course completions for no less than 7 years.

You can renew your license online. Navigate to the Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS) by clicking this link:

Regulation of Online CE Courses

Seat timers are not required by the Commission; therefore, timers are NOT included in our courses. Final exams are not required.

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We are a Pennsylvania approved real estate school offering flexible online PA real estate continuing education courses. Our Pennsylvania real estate license renewal courses can be taken anytime day or night.

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