PLEASE NOTE: All NEW Real Estate Agents (licensed July 1, 2007 - present) are required to take the 12 Hour New Agent Course in order to renew their license. We do not have this course.
We provide the following renewal information as a courtesy and it may change at any time. It is the individual licensee's responsibility to be sure that he or she meets the requirements for his or her own particular license renewal circumstance(s).

  • Total Hours: 18
  • Mandatory/Core: 9
  • Elective: 9
  • Renewal Cycle: 2 years

Licensees much complete 18 credit hours every 24 months. A minimum of 9 of the 18 hours taken must be core topics. Our 18-credit/hour renewal package contains all necessary courses and topics needed to renew your license.

Note: Continuing education courses should be completed by the 15th of the month of your license expiration to help ensure on-time renewal. We will automatically send notice of course completion to Pearson Vue, who will in turn update the Division’s website.

After you have completed the continuing education courses and notice of the course completions have been posted to the Division's webpage; you will be able to view your CE hours in your RELMS account. Renew your license online in your RELMS account before your license expiration deadline.

To renew your license in RELMS, navigate to :

  • Select the "Real Estate" tab at the top of the screen
  • Under Online Services, select "Login to RELMS"
  • Once in RELMS, select "Renew License"
  • Follow instructions provided

CE hours must be recorded in your RELMS account before you can complete the license renewal process.

After concluding the renewal process on the Division's website, you will be able to print a license certificate that includes receipt of your payment.

For information regarding expired license, late fees, and additional continuing education requirements, please refer to the frequently asked questions provided on the Division’s website:

See Renewal Packages

  • Total Hours: 12
  • Mandatory/Core: 12
  • Elective: 0

All NEW Real Estate Agents (licensed July 1, 2007 - present) are required to take the 12 Hour New Agent Course in order to renew their license. At this time we do not offer this course.

Receiving Credit for Completed Courses

In Utah, continuing education schools provide notice of course completion to Pearson Vue. In turn, Pearson Vue will update your transcript on the Division's website. We submit notice of course completions to Pearson Vue three times a week.

NOTE: Each time you complete a course on the CBT website, you will receive a courtesy email from us that verifies each completion. You will receive a second email each time we submit notice of a course completion to Pearson Vue.

After Pearson Vue has submitted notice of all your course completions to the Division’s website, navigate to the Utah Department of Commerce/Division of Real Estate website to renew your license:

Regulation of Online CE Courses

The Division requires that online providers incorporate timers to help ensure that it takes the same amount of time to go through courses as the number of hours for which they are certified. For this reason we have incorporated a timing mechanism to ensure that a minimum seat time is spent in each course (equal to 50 minutes per credit hour). For example, a 3-hour course will be open and active for no less than 150 minutes. Final exams are not required by the state and therefore are not in these courses.

UT Approved School

We are a Utah approved real estate school offering flexible online UT real estate continuing education courses. Our Utah real estate license renewal courses can be taken anytime day or night.

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